[Open] Any one who wants to come

[Closed] Only the person concerned can enter

[Open]09/29 Chorus supprt of [bourgeois]

Place unfixed (Nagano)


[Open]10/20 Take part in Japan Block Fair 

At New York,USA

Sale of Japanese products and concert



[Open]10/26 Concert of Showa era songs

At Pappy's (Koutou Ward, Tokyo)

Charge ¥1500


[Open]12/01 Alien Contest and Christmas Concert

At Iinomachi General Center for Learning

(Fukushima city, Fukushima)

13:00〜14:00 Alien Contest  

14:00〜16:00 Christmas Concert  
Charge ¥500

Charge-free: Alien/Handicapped people/Children less than 12


[Open]12/21 Chorus supprt of [bourgeois]

Place and charge unfixed (Nagano)